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A well-developed classification and compensation system provides a basis for assessing the appropriateness of employee wage levels, and a starting point for determining and implementing wage increases and other compensation practices. Municipal Consulting Services LLC employs a deliberate and thorough approach to assisting our public sector clients in developing classification and compensation systems. Our approach includes the following elements:

Job Analysis and Job Description Development
Our approach stresses employee participation and interaction.  Either supervisors or position incumbents are interviewed concerning job duties and reporting relationships. Comprehensive job descriptions are then developed that incorporate all relevant knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) and other criteria relevant to assure ADA compliance.

Job Evaluation/Point Factoring
A point-factor job evaluation provides the most accurate procedure for determining job content, and in turn, the relative value of jobs within the organization (i.e. internal equity).  Our system considers eleven different factors within a point matrix system, thus providing an extremely accurate job assessment.

Market Survey
Our market survey is custom designed for the particular public entity.  Comparable employers (both private and public) are selected cooperatively with the client and economic data is presented to support the process.  The survey encompasses both wages and employee benefits thereby providing a broader indication of employee compensation than simply a wage comparison.

Pay Structure and Implementation
Following the above, a pay grade and pay range structure is developed. Options for pay system implementation are also developed with cost data provided for each.  Procedures for ongoing pay system administration are also specified.

Comprehensive Final Report
All of these elements are integrated and a final report is then developed containing the new classification and compensation system. An electronic version is also provided to facilitate ongoing usage and update.

Our people have completed more than 150 classification and compensation analyses for various governmental entities throughout Michigan.  This includes both large and small employers, as can be seen in a representative listing of our prior experience.


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